Journal Entry #1 – Welcome!

Hi there and welcome to The Jupiter Moon Journal!

My name is Alexandra Io Riederich and you have found your way to my little online journal (blog) space. I write these posts mostly from my little home studio space here in the south of Germany. I consider this a space on earth filled with magic coming from the mountainscape and our lakes‘ healing deep blue and emerald green energies. If you wish to learn more about the person behind these pages; my journey and my work, feel free to visit the About Page.

So why an online journal (blog) space?

There has been this little voice within for quite some time now which I have been putting aside because, well, I don’t consider myself a writer and felt (or rather still feel) quite vulnerable showing up this way. But this time the idea came up again and I felt a warm and fuzzy YES forming within me along with a few ideas on what to share.

So here I am trusting in the unknown and being open to where this new adventure will take me.

The Fool from The Textured Tarot
by Lisa McLoughlin Art with kind permission.


My intention for this space is to show up in a sustainable way.
And in a way that may also inspire you.

  • Sharing about my current Spiritual Musings, experiences, and rituals.
  • Things that inspire me, lift me up, and things I am passionate about like:
    • Tarot & Oracle
    • Incense and other herbal encounters
    • Creative adventures
    • Books & Music
  • And to be quite honest, anything that takes my fancy.

May this space be one of inspiration,
a space that invites a moment of pause and ease.

I look forward to seeing how this space will grow and evolve over time. And I do hope these pages will serve you too by being a source of inspiration and a gentle and friendly space you like coming back to time and time again.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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