Book Club – Decanic Journey

Image of the Book 36 Secrets by T. Susan Chang
and cards from the Spacious Tarot with kind
permission from the deck creators Mallon & Ruygt.

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The book 36 Secrets by T. Susan Chang invites the reader to take a year-long journey exploring the Minor Arcana of the Tarot as they correspond to Astrology, tuning into the meanings of the cards as well as exploring the personal relationship with the cards.

The book came into my life in mid-2021. I did not read it back-to-back back then but rather picked different sections to read throughout the year. I was amazed by the Tarot cards I was pulling during my daily pulls over and over again corresponding to the decan the card is associated with and the themes coming up for me during that time.

This year I set myself the intention to take the Decanic Journey
starting at Spring Equinox and
I was wondering if you would like to join me?

My intention is to host a Book Club where we can gather and share our own experiences in a group of like-minded and curious individuals. Witnessing each other as we follow our own year-long journey through the Minor Arcana of the Tarot (2-10 of each of the four suits).

We will gather approximately every 4-6 weeks via Zoom to create room and hold space for individual explorations and closer encounters with the interpretations in the book and create our very own intuitive meaning along the way. That is where the real magic takes place!

To Support the journey, I will be sharing prompts for each of the cards. Giving the opportunity to dive a little deeper to unveil more layers of meaning.

Who is this for?

Even if the book may seem to be an advanced approach to the Tarot, I do believe that all levels of engagement will be able to benefit.

You will gain:

  • An overview of the general interpretation of the Minor Arcana (2-10 of each of the four suits).
  • An understanding of Astrological correspondences to the Tarot.
  • A glimpse into the Major Arcana and how they flag and support the essence of the Minors.
  • As well as a like minded community.
  • Replays, Prompts and Spreads will be made available4 in a Teachable Classroom

This Book Club however is not a Tarot course, but there will be room to explore and gain an understanding of the cards as we traverse through each of the ten-day (Decanic) periods.

You will need:

  • Copy of the Book – 36 Secrets by t. Susan Chang
  • A Tarot deck of your choise.

I would love to welcome you into this space

as we go on this year-long journey together!

Our first gathering will be on the 24th of March 2022 via Zoom. You will receive all details as soon as you sign up below. Please make sure to follow the instructions in your confirmation emails!

If you feel called you can sign up via the button below. To make this sustainable for all I am making this a pay-want-you-want offering so feel free to contribute what feels right.

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