Time Between Time

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Will you come and join us? I sure hope so!
Together we can bring magic into this time of transition and Time Between Time.

Here is my invitation to you to pause for
just that one moment and breathe.

To take up some space for yourself, away from all the shoulds and musts, just for you and just breathe into that space between time, instead of rushing out of the old year into the new chasing some new goals to reach.

Just pause for that one precious moment.

Time Between Time is an invitation to be with yourself and your own needs, taking time to create rituals around this time of transition. And this, to be quite honest does, not even have to be the changing of years; this can be your birthday, seasons changing, or any other time of change in your life. It all comes down to the same thing, are you willing to take some time to reflect and grow?

Let us gather and honour this time together,
even if we are far apart physically we are together in spirit
and together we will build momentum.

Let us sit and reflect.

Let us really see all that we have achieved this year

Let us truly see our accomplishments, no matter how small or big.
And let us also acknowledge the challenges we faced and through which we had the opportunity to grow.

What have we learnt? What are we ready to let go of?
What needs to be transformed so that we can cultivate our intentions for the New Year?

Join Us!

Alexandra Io Riederich

Karen Riberdy-Sinclair

What you will get…

The Time Between Time Guidebook PDF

The 12 Magical Nights
December 25th 2022 – 5th January 2023

During the last 6 nights of the old year and the first 6 nights of the new year I will be accompanying you in reflecting, releasing, and inviting in the new. In the Guidebook, you will find…

And Two Live Events!

The Vision Word
a creative project hosted live on Zoom on the 19th of December
with Alexandra Io Riederich

Calling in the Stones
hosted on Zoom
on the 27th of December
with Karen Riberdy-Sinclair

Dates and places are subject to change and will be announced via email.

Would you like some extra support?

To offer you some extra support I am opening up spots for one-on-one sessions with me.

This offer is a Tarot Reading using the 8-Card
Time Between Time spread.

Together; you, me, and the cards will dive in and explore aspects that can give insight into things that need to rest, grow and transform in order for you to be able to take inspired action as you grow into this new phase of your life.

Sessions are currently available at a special rate!


(save 22€)

This offer is only available during the live part of Time Between Time until 11th January 2023. Spaces are limited, so if you are looking for some gentle extra support this season book your session here…


What others are saying about Time Between Time

“Time Between Time is such a lovely and needed program. Alexandra is a gentle guide, helping us connect with our deepest selves in a safe and supportive container…“

Monica Garcia, USA
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“It is such a grounding and soul-inspiring way to help pause and acknowledge the sacred nature of this time of year…“

Christine Cassella, USA
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I truly appreciated the generous container of time provided to reflect on both the outgoing and incoming years. It takes more than a day to process and reflect! Time After Time is such a lovely and gentle guide through the process. This is now a tradition for me and a celebration of the thoughtful passage of time.

Elle Dooley, USA
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“I really looked forward to spending this time in reflection this year and Time Between Time really helped me to achieve that…“

Kasia Licwinko, UK
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„…I was encouraged to leave some energies behind as 2021 loomed but it was wonderful to remember times of growth and positivity to carry with me into the new year. The Time Between Time is now a part of my annual bringing in the new...“

Lynn Robert, Canada
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