What’s about me…

My name is Alexandra Io Riederich, I saw the light of the earth in 1976 as a double scorpio in beautiful Bavaria. I grew up interculturally, in Germany, Malta and England. However, there was a deep yearning in me to return to Bavaria again and at the age of 19 this wish was granted. And now over two decades later I live with my partner in the beautiful surroundings of the Alps and the lake Chiemsee still in Bavaria, Germany.

Malerwinkel October 2018


In 2002 I was pushed by fate, through a life changing health diagnosis (Multiple Sclerosis) to look a bit deeper and closer as to what is going on in my life and so it came that I embarked on an ongoing deep healing journey.

I worked in the fashion industry, something I dreamt of as a child, but not quite in the way I’d imagined it to be. Finding disappointment I turned my back on this line of work and went into IT and trained as a software developer and found I quite enjoyed it. But the feeling of not really fitting into a corporate world kept on growing and growing and then came the big blow. I still resisted bringing about change for quite some time though, but I knew deep down I had to do something. Somewhere along my time line I cut off my creative side and lived in a more rational frame of mind.

I started exploring and opening up to alternative concepts and I started to become fascinated by all things WooWoo. I explored Astrology and Psychology, different healing methods like Reiki and PraNeoHom (a healing system using dowsing and symbols developed by Layena Bassols Rheinfelder on the basis of Erich Körbler’s work) and got myself certified in all these areas, as well as becoming certified as a therapist in the fields of mindfulness practices, relaxation methods and hypnotherapy.

BubblesThis all lead me down the path of exploring myself and going deeper and deeper. Letting go of all the things has shown me that it becomes easier to bring the balance I so wanted in my life. Being open to all the mysteries life has to offer, was key to finding a deeper calm within me. And yet the rollercoaster continues but I can say with a lot more acceptance and a deeper trust in the journey, the process.

I opened up again to letting my creative side take a leading role in my life. Creativity is bringing me back to me. I explore all different mediums and let joy be my guide. On my personal journey I have become deeply passionate about all things magical and I have made it my personal mission to seek out magic in my everyday experience.

I let inspiration lead the way.

With over a decade of dowsing experience I have found a way to tap into my intuition on a deeper level. I also developed a greater love for oracle and tarot cards (I’m an avid collector of card decks) to deepen and expand the voice of my intuition even further. Expressing this guidance in a regular journaling and art journaling practice has become a path of inner healing and clarity for me. Exploring Devine feminine spirituality in its many forms, especially through connecting with nature and my own body I have come to learn to honour where it is I have come from and getting a glimpse of where this journey could be taking me and then again not and just saying yes to the great mystery of Her.

And now I am here, open to share this kind of magic with the world and I would so love to connect with you. Let’s experience the mystery together.