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Journal Entry #3 – Season of the changing light.

Here in my neck of the woods February started sunny and very cold. That crisp kind of cold that makes everything feels so clean and new. After the major winds we had it felt like nature underwent its first signs of a spring clean. Blowing away all the stagnant energies with all the howling sounds that the wind brought. And all the while inviting me to do the same thing.

The urge was there to follow that calling but staying in my comfort zone felt even more appealing these past weeks, getting cosy with hot tea and a warm blanket.

But then comes the light,

the ever-growing light

the sun is offering us again.

Not needing to switch on the light as I sip my morning tea makes me feel the expansiveness of the changing season ever so clearly. This, I see as an invitation to observe the shifting of my own energies and reflect on how I will set myself up to emerge again into the light building up around me and my own internal season of light.

So now, just like nature, I ready myself to clear the energy around me and celebrate the light in my life again after a testing and challenging year of grief, acceptance, and letting go.

To support this process, I turn to some of my favourite practices
which I would like to share with you.

    • If I feel called, I will clear my space and refresh my altar at least with a new (white) candle. The white candle being a symbol of clarity and light.
    • I will turn to my incense cabinet and feel what I want to call into my life as I move forward. This year I really wish to connect with the light within me again, as it feels very dim right now, as well as opening my channel to the Devine for guidance.

    • This year I choose to simply burn the resin Dammar as opposed to creating a more complex blend. I feel that simplicity is also a symbol of what I need right now in my life.

      Dammar has a light scent and energy to it. When I use this in my rituals I feel connected and open to the light wanting to come through, as it gently clears my space and leaves a sense of freshness in my surroundings.

    • And just like nature uses the howling wind to shift energies I will use sound to do the same. Chanting, humming, singing and the crunchy sound of my rattle will be thrown into the mix.

    • To close this ritual, I will open the windows and doors, letting in the fresh air to replace the energy that no longer serves me.

    • Following this, I will enter a calmer state with a simple breathing meditation.

      Visualising as I inhale and exhale light for approximately 10 minutes or longer. Feeling the light move through my whole being as I steady my breath and settle into the space around me.

    • As the calm enters my being, I will turn to a Tarot deck and my journal and reflect on the following questions:

    And now I look outside again,

    open to nature as my guide as I navigate

    my own ever-turning wheel of light.

    May this outline of my personal process be an inspiration to create your own ritual. No matter where you are in the world and what season you find yourself in. Check in with your own light and ask what it really needs right now.

    Blessed Be!

    If you would like some support to explore what the Season of the Changing Light means to you, feel free to book a session with me here [LINK]. We can use this time to pull cards, discuss creating rituals, and if incense is something you are interested in we can also create a blend, especially for you and your needs!