Kind Words

„Time Between Time is such a lovely and needed program. Alexandra is a gentle guide, helping us connect with our deepest selves in a safe and supportive container. In this time of chaos, Alexandra is an oasis of calm and deep wisdom. We could all benefit from Time Between Time, and Alexandra’s guidance, to help us ground deeply in with our own soul’s messages, now more than ever. „

Monica Garcia, USA

„I always love joining the circle we form in Time Between Time. It is such a grounding and soul-inspiring way to help pause and acknowledge the sacred nature of this time of year. I love having this format to help keep me showing up each night of these 12 sacred nights to check in with myself, the past year, and start to manifest what I’d like to create in the new year. It is such a wonderful and magical space!“

Christine Cassella, USA

I truly appreciated the generous container of time provided to reflect on both the outgoing and incoming years. It takes more than a day to process and reflect! Time After Time is such a lovely and gentle guide through the process. This is now a tradition for me and a celebration of the thoughtful passage of time.

Elle Dooley, USA

I love how the daily prompts guide me to reflect. It’s so helpful when pulling cards and journaling on their interpretation for the new year.“

Lorraine Ellen Scott, B.C. Canada

„I really looked forward to spending this time in reflection this year and Time Between Time really helped me to achieve that. The videos and journaling prompts as well as pulling cards really anchored me in the present, in the reflective moment and allowed to pour my soul onto paper. This was such a beautiful experience, also to be able to share this space with other like-minded people and connect on Facebook as well as on a call. Thank you, Alexandra, for your time and energy preparing this amazing practice. I really enjoyed it!

Kasia Licwinko, UK.

This is the second time I have journeyed with Alexandra in the Time Between Time. Part meditative, part divination card pulls and part journaling prompts, you are invited to take what you need and leave the rest behind. This year, I opted to do all the card pulls, all of the journal prompts (it was such a trying year) and pausing for healing breaths. I was able to look back on 2020, not just as a stressful time, but also to reflect on moments of great joy and solitude. I was encouraged to leave some energies behind as 2021 loomed but it was wonderful to remember times of growth and positivity to carry with me into the new year. The Time Between Time is now a part of my annual bringing in the new. I have a ritual of pulling monthly archetype cards, supporting cards and guidance cards for my annual word of the year, all bound together in a beautiful piece of cloth and held on my altar until the beginning of each month when I am reminded of the energies I will work with next. Beautiful!!“

Lynn Robert, Canada

Alexandra is a delightful and intuitive woman. I received one of her signature „Time Between Time“ tarot readings and was blown away by her insights and support.
As an intuitive myself, I felt held and seen by Alexandra and how she incorporated my voice and insights alongside her wisdom to result in a rich and helpful reading.
Deep gratitude.“

Kayce S. Hughlett, MA LMHC,
author, healer, artist of being alive

“I was thrilled to have won a reading from Alexandra. She did an eight card spread and I enjoyed her warm and intuitive approach to reading the cards.  Alexandra made space for sharing and listened deeply during our session together.