Time Between Time

Tarot Reading Experience


The sessions are based on a spread I created to complement the popular annual Time Between Time event. It is however not exclusive to this event.

The purpose of this spread is to give guidance on how to navigate times of transition and stepping into something new in your life. Capturing the essence of those times between time when we need to pause and reflect so that we can move forward with a sense of purpose.

Together; you, me, and the cards will dive in and explore aspects that can give insight about things that need to rest, grow and transform in order for you to be able to take inspired action as you grow into this new phase of your life.

The Time Between Time Reading Experience is ideal for:

  • Birthday reading for yourself
  • New Year reading
  • Embracing new ventures and/or stages in your life
  • when you feel things are shifting and you would like some deeper guidance

Our reading experience together will take place live via video chat hosted on Zoom. The session will take 45-50 minutes and consists of approximately 8-cards.

A little Workbook is included and will be sent to you per email. This workbook will give you an outline of the spread we will be exploring and plenty of room for you to take notes as well as suggestions on how to keep on engaging with the messages the cards delivered.

Video sessions will be recorded and you are eligible for the audio recording as well as a photo of the cards. This will be sent to you per email with a link to download the audio and image.

If this feels like something you would like to explore and experience with me, I would be so honoured and happy to be of service to your higher good.

Please read the Ethics and Terms & Conditions statement before you book your session.

If you feel we are a good fit then please do proceed. Would love to connect with you 🙂

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