General Readings

You – Me – and the Cards

These sessions are a general reading, open to letting the cards tell the story with your questions in mind.

Together we will go with the flow and listen to the messages wanting to come through.

I love working intuitively so I might use a combination of Tarot and Oracle decks or just a Tarot deck, we will decide there and then.

There are two options you can choose from:

The 30-minute session will give us time to explore 2-3 cards – 48 €

The 60-minute session will let us go a little deeper and explore 5-6 cards together – 95€

Our reading experience together will take place live via video chat, hosted on Zoom. Video sessions will be recorded and you are eligible for the audio recording as well as a photo of the cards pulled. This will be sent to you via email with a link to download the audio and image.

I really look forward to connecting with you and the magic the cards have in store for us!

Before you book your session please read the Ethics and Terms & Conditions statement to get all the details about how I read, what I don’t read as well as refund and cancelation policies.

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