Ethics and Terms & Conditions

§1 Ethics

(Updated on: 21st September 2021)

I have a few rules around reading for others which I would like to share with you so you can decide if we are a good fit and if you would like to receive a reading from me.

I use Tarot and other Oracle systems as well as Astrology to provide intuitive readings to support others on their own spiritual journey and journey of growth.

I am NOT a psychic or a mind reader. I do not predict the future so please do not ask questions along these lines.

My intention is for you to be able to make your own choices and so it is that I will not push you in any direction. I am here to be a guide and layout options you can act on or not. It is always up to you!

Regardless if you have me do readings for you or you get a reading from someone else; please always check in with yourself and take what feels right for you! Trusting in yourself is always key.

All readings are confidential. Information will not be shared with a third party.

No third-party readings! I only read for you and will not answer any questions regarding a third party; I feel that is highly unethical!

Yes/No questions are very limiting, if possible ask more open questions we can then explore and dive into together. That’s more fun don’t you think?

My offerings do not promise any cure and are not intended to be a replacement for licensed medical care or prescribed therapies in any way. Please seek out the advice of professional medical advisors (doctors, therapists, and counselors) for all medical treatments, prescribed remedies, and for any and all health issues.

I also do not give any financial or legal advice, this too belongs into the hands of professional financial advisors and/or lawyers. 

I do not read for anyone under the age of 18 (Children)

Readings are for entertainment purposes only and cannot predict or guaranty any outcome.

§2 Terms and Conditions

(Updated on: 21st September 2021)

Readings are mainly offered as one-on-one Video sessions unless otherwise stated. This means that you will book an appointment with me through the link I will provide you with upon purchasing your session. Or an on-site booking link taking you to a third-party site where you can book and pay for your session.

To host the video session I use the platform Zoom. As soon as you book your session you will receive the information needed to join the Zoom session.  

Sessions are usually recorded unless you state otherwise. Before recording, I will ask for your permission. After our session, I will send you a copy of the audio recording and an image of the cards pulled during the session.

Cancelation & Rescheduling: I accept cancelations or the option to reschedule 24 hours prior to our session free of charge. Cancelations less than 24 hours prior to our appointment cannot be refunded. Rescheduling within 1 day of the booked session will cost an additional fee of 10% of your initial booking fee. Cancelations and rescheduling a session are possible through the scheduling service provider and the link provided in your confirmation email. Please contact me if you have questions.

Lateness: Please be on time! We all have busy schedules we have to work around so any delays will be included in your session time. This means if you come 10 minutes late to a 60-minute session I will only be able to do a 50-minute reading. You can be sure I will be punctual and will be there waiting for you.

I use external service providers to offer my services. By purchasing and booking your session you agree to the third-party privacy policies linked below:

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You can find my privacy policy here:

Do you have any questions? Please reach out via email so we can discuss any issues prior to your purchase: